One third of the food produced in the world
gets lost or wasted.

Cutting food waste by just a quarter is enough to

stop world hunger!

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Our Mission

One third of the food the world produces is wasted or lost – every year. From farm-to-fork, it occurs on all steps of the food chain. The waste can be in different forms like inefficient harvesting, misshaped fruits and misfit vegetables, over buying, half eaten meals or spoiled food thrown into kitchen trash cans. All these contribute to the growing problem of water scarcity, climate change and significantly impacts global food security.

Our platform allows you to share your ideas and co-create ways to end food wastage. We will make sure your ideas are heard by the right people. We will also work together with organisations to bring these ideas to life.

  • Together, we can create a world without wastage, free of hunger!
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As the last point in the food chain, we have the power to do something. Through this platform, we will inspire each other with ideas to end food wastage and change our world. As this platform grows we will collaborate with governments and businesses to bring our ideas to life.

Our time starts now. Together we can grow a better world for the future. Share your ideas and thoughts on how to end food wastage here.

The food dump as it is happening every day.

Someone is dying for the food you are throwing away.

If a quarter of the food currently lost or wasted could be saved, it would be enough to feed 870 million hungry people in the world. #EndFoodWastage. Source:

You waste more than you think.

Each year, food that is produced but not eaten guzzles up a volume of water equivalent to the annual flow of the Volga river and adds 3.3 tonnes of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. #EndFoodWastage. Source:

Every child deserves a 5th birthday.

3.1 million children under the age of five die each year due to hunger. #EndFoodWastage. Source:

Empowering home cooks / Shared by Naveena

Stop Spild Af Mad – ‘stop wasting food’ – is a Danish group aiming to stop food waste in the home. Born as a small Facebook campaign, it is now the country’s largest non-profit consumer movement against food waste.

The group shares knowledge on ways to reduce how much gets thrown away at home – from how to cook with leftovers, to savvy shopping and distributing surplus food to those in need.

One of its victories was to inspire Danish supermarket Rema 1000 to replace buy-one-get-one-free offers with discounts that don’t encourage over-buying.


Culinary Misfits / Shared by Liz

Started by two friends, Culinary Misfits seeks out the ugly vegetables at grocery stores, farmers markets, and restaurants and turns them into delectable dishes at the events they cater in the city. Culinary Misfits are three-legged carrots or voluptous beets. Vegetables which don’t fit the beauty standards and therefore won’t make it in to a supermarket. Instead they are often wasted. Those are the ingredients the two Designers Lea & Tanja work with, coz they don’t like standards and rather decided to celebrate the beauty of natural diversity. They founded the Culinary Misfits.


Last Minute Market / Shared by Tara

Last Minute Market is a project where retailers, shops and producers who have unsold food which would otherwise be discarded are linked with people and charities who need food. Originating in Bologna, it is active in more than 40 Italian towns, with 2 new projects under development in Argentina and Brazil.

Last Minute Market offers services to enterprises and institutions in order to prevent and reduce waste production at its origin. It also develops innovative services for the recovery and reuse of unsold goods.


Ordinary heroes who make a difference.

All of us know someone who inspires us by their ability to step up and be the change they want to see happen. Here are some heroes who make a difference to food wastage. If you know someone who does this, share their story. It could be your grandmother, a waiter, a student, a store owner, a colleague or a business. It could be you. We will showcase it to honour their effort and inspire us all to make a difference.

Let’s pledge to stop food wastage.

Can we co-create ways to end food wastage? If you are an individual or business who would like to join the movement to end food wastage, sign up to be part of a great cause that feeds our planet. Together, we can create a world without wastage.